Awaken, Heal & Transform Your Life with the Power of Intuition

Intuition Masterclass with Kim Chestney


To Your Own Higher Self Be True.

- Kim Chestney -

Don't Wait to Create the Life of Your Dreams. 

Kim Chestney's Intuition Masterclass is a one-of-a-kind immersion course designed to teach YOU how to awaken and live your truth with power of your Intuition.

Imagine Your Life Powered by Intuition!

You live each day true to your Self. You have the courage to live your truth, instead of doing what others expect of you, so you can live authentically.

You are one with the Universe. You understand the language of your inner guidance and how you are always being supported by the Universe.

You attain higher levels of consciousness. Intuition raises your vibration and allows you to experience the deepest mysteries of awakened awareness .

You are happy and self-fulfilled. You can easily tap into your inner power to heal old wounds, rebalance your life and attract well-being and joy. 

You manifest without even trying. You are so aligned in body, mind, heart & spirit that the natural pathways of spiritual evolution unfold before you.

You make the world a better place. Living by Intuition aligns you with your purpose, evolves your spirit and moves you to change the world for the better. 

All of this is possible when you awaken and live by your Intuiton.

If you have explored other spiritual practices, but still feel like something is missing...

...finally, you have come to the right place.

I'm Kim Chestney, and I am so glad you are here.

I have been studying and teaching Intuition for nearly 20 years, and can personally attest to its life-changing power. 

My internationally-best-selling book, The Psychic Workshop: A Complete Program for Fulfilling Your Spiritual Potential has been translated to multiple languages and published around the world for over a decade.

It is my honor, and priveledge, to have the opportunity to share the secrets of Intuition with you.

The most valuable thing is Intuition.  

~ Albert Einstein ~

Can You Relate to Any of these Statements? 

I feel like I am awakening... I need to take my spiritual growth to the next level.

I want to learn how to recognize my Intuition...  

...but it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between my inner guidance and my own thoughts!

I know I need to live true to myself...  

...instead of basing my life around what other people think I should do.

I have always been drawn to the deep mysteries of life...

...and I want to learn more about Intuition as the gateway to higher awareness.

I know my Intuition is calling me to make changes in my life...

...but I am afraid of that the change may be too scary and hard!

I am a holistic practitioner and I use Intuition in my work...

...and I know that if I learn more about Intuition, I will be better at what I do.

What Others are Saying...

"I knew as soon as I met Kim that I wanted to learn from her and soak up some of her wonderful energy. She has such a warm, welcoming personality, and with one look into her eyes, it's not hard to sense the wisdom that lies within. I've worked with her one on one, in small group sessions, and large format workshops, and every experience I've had with her, I walk away feeling centered, equipped with new tools, and eager to learn more and to dive deeper. Her sense of humor and easy going nature make working with her a blast, and she has the best way of making abstract concepts seem attainable. If you are looking to deepen your understanding of yourself, build an intuitive toolbox to pull from, and have some fun along the way, Kim is your girl." 

~ Nicky Dunlap, Yogi, Self-Love Yoga

“Kim is a compelling force and natural leader, grounded in the arenas of notable professional and creative accomplishment, as well as salutary contributions within the fields of spiritual and personal development. She is honorably focused, broadly achieved and a refreshingly singular talent. 

– Dr. Susan Amorose, DMQ RMT Healing with Medical QiGong and Reiki  

"Kim Chestney's wonderful energy and enthusiasm towards her projects and clients is truly inspiring. Kim is creative and a gifted teacher!" 

– Erica McIlroy, Founder, Green Heiress Holistic Health  

"Kim Chestney's workshop on Empowering Intuition was dynamic! Her treatment of the subject included meditations, mantras and loads of examples of how intuition works, how to recognize it and develop it!" 

– Donna Beadle, Founder, Murrysville Center for Healing Arts  

Intuition is the world's best kept secret. It is the holy grail for genuine well-being, wisdom, creativity & spiritual growth.

- Kim Chestney, AWAKEN 2018 -

Why You Will Love this Masterclass  

A Six-Week Online Intuition Training, Interactive Workshop + Certification

One-of-a-Kind Program There is no other Intuition program like this around. This is the deepest, most complete model for learning to understand and live by your Intuition. Intimate Group Experience Because this is my first time running this program, I’ll be limiting the group size to ensure that everyone gets plenty of support. This is your chance to be a part of an intimate group experience that may not be available again – as future versions of the program likely won’t have a cap on enrollment. Proven to Make a Difference in Your Life Intuition is the core of all spiritual development. To truly direct and change your life, you must need to know how to navigate your Intuition. High-Quality Guest Experts Don't just take it from me! You will have the opportunity to meet and learn from other Intuition experts, and incorporate their practices in your life.  

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