Intuition Masterclass with Kim Chestney

Intuition is the world's best-kept secret. 


This one-of-a-kind Masterclass will teach you ALL the secrets of Intuition, including how to recognize it and follow it to your highest potential in life.

Start Empowering Your Intuition Now


Enjoy my free gift to you, while we wait for the next enrollment of the Intuition Masterclass.

Intuition holds the highest wisdom available to us as human beings. It is our direct link to higher consciousness, and the universal wisdom that flows from it. Use this guide to awaken to your own Intuition, and follow it to an authentic, happy, healthy and spiritually enlightened life.

All around the world, people are waking up to their inner wisdom. Discover how Intuition will change your life! 


Own Your Personal Power When you know your Intuition has your back, you can live your life with confidence and inner strength. Learn how to trust your instincts and live your truth!

Open to Spiritual Enlightenment The end result of all Intuitive development is our spiritual enlightenment. Learn how to connect to higher consciousness and the supreme Source through your Intuition.

Make Better Choices (big and small!) Your Intuition is there for you every choice of the way. Learn how to understand your personal intuitive language to discern truths and align with your purpose!

Activate Your Psychic Abilities Psychic development is a by-product of our spiritual evolution. Learn how to awaken your latent psychic ability and know the 'unknowable.'

Heal Physical & Psychological Pain Your Intuition is key to actualizing physical health and inner balance. Learn how to intuitively identify the life issues that are leading to imbalance, pain and ongoing health problems.

Ignite Your Creativity & Inspired Living A healthy Intuition marks the difference between the good and the great. Learn how to tap into the flow to just 'know' what others struggle to figure out.

The time has come for humanity to move beyond the limits of linear thinking and embrace our natural, innate connection with higher awareness. Tapping into our 'inner genius' is the secret to living in a new, awakened state of that awaits us all.

- Kim Chestney, Awaken! 2018 -

I'm Kim Chestney, and I am so glad you are here.

I have helped over 25,000 people just like you to tap into their Intuition. My internationally best-selling book, The Psychic Workshop: A Complete Program for Fulfilling Your Spiritual Potential has been published around the world and translated into multiple languages.

I have been teaching Intuition for over 15 years, and can personally attest to its life-changing power. Now it is my honor and privilege to have the opportunity to share its secrets with you.


"Living my life by owning my power and listening to my Intuition is one of the most life-changing things that has happened to me. Kim was the catalyst for my growth. She holds the keys to living a life that makes sense. There are no words that can express my gratitude for Kim and all the tools that she has given me." ~ Jesse Karger, Intuitive Life Coach Medford, Oregon

Does this sound like you? 

You feel like you are a naturally intuitive person... 

...and you are ready to take your spiritual development to the next level.

You have a nagging awareness that your life is no longer aligned with your soul's growth...  

...and you want to start living your truth.

You have taken the first steps in your spiritual awakening... 

...and you are ready to take the ultimate path to your enlightenement.

You are a survivor; you have lived through pain in your life and overcome adversity....

...and you are ready to take control of your life and share your wisdom with others.

You are tired of watching other people follow their dreams on social media...

...and long to break free in your own life.

You love things like meditation, yoga, mindfulness & healing arts...  

...and you get that your Intuition is key to success in every spiritual practice.

Why You Will Love this Masterclass

An Immersive, Six-Week Online Intuition Mastery Training with Live Teaching, Interactive Group Workshops, Guest Teachers + Certification

I will personally teach you how to recognize and live by your Intuition.  

Intuition has transformed my life, and I know the secrets to helping you do the same. I have spent the last 10 years creating this one-of-a-kind program to help people just like you to tap into their inner power ~ and use it!

You will join, share and learn from an intimate community of kindred spirits.

This is more than a class; it's a community. You will have the opportunity to share ideas, ask questions, and work together with others to develop your intuitive ability. Because this is my first time running this program, I’ll be limiting the group size to ensure that we have a tight-knit group and that I have the ability to work with each of you individually. 

Start a transformative practice of Intuition, right from your home!

Our online platform is even better than being in person, and there is no need to travel. Our engaging video chats, live webinars and working groups have all the interactivity and intimacy of in-person events. Plus, no special technology or tech skills are required ~ it's as easy as internet access!

Learn at your own pace.

I know you are busy. No matter what your schedule looks like, this course is adaptable for your time. All webinars and workshops will be recorded and posted for viewing anytime. All class materials will be permanently available for download at your own pace. One-on-one meetings have both day and evening hours to fit all schedules.

WEEKEND CLASS TIMES AVAILABLE FOR ALL TIME ZONES Plus, all classes are recorded ~ so no worries if you can't make it live.

NO TESTS. NO STRESS. Only those interested in certification will have to take any kind of test or accountibility assessment. This class is for YOU, so you can determine what you get out of it in the end.

 Certification Pathway for Mastery & Professionals  

For those of you who are committed to long-term development and mastery of your Intuition, this course is the first of a series of classes for Intuiton Mastery Certification. All graduates of the Masterclass will receive Level 1 Intuition Certification.

The only real valuable thing is Intuition.

- Einstein -

Take the Ultimate Step Towards Your Enlightenment Today


"I knew as soon as I met Kim that I wanted to learn from her, and soak up her wonderful energy. She has such a warm, welcoming personality, and with one look into her eyes, it's not hard to sense the wisdom that lies within. I've worked with her one-on-one, in small group sessions, and large format workshops ~ in every experience I've had with her, I walk away feeling centered, equipped with new tools, eager to learn more and to dive deeper. Her sense of humor and easy going nature make working with her a blast, and she has the best way of making abstract concepts seem attainable. If you are looking to deepen your understanding of yourself, build an intuitive toolbox, and have some fun along the way, Kim is your girl." 

~ Nicky Dunlap, Yogi, Self-Love Yoga Pittsburgh, PA

"Kim is an incredible light. She has taught me the importance of meditation and, beyond that, has shown me how powerful it is to live creatively. If her name pops up in your experience, I highly recommend to engage with it and see what she's got. It will bring you so much value. Thank you for bringing this confidence out in me, Kim!" ~ Jamin Olivencia, Professional Wrestler & Personal Development Ally Louiseville, KY 

What Others are Saying...

"Kim Chestney's wonderful energy and enthusiasm towards her projects and clients is truly inspiring. Kim is creative and a gifted teacher!" 

– Erica McIlroy, Founder, Green Heiress Holistic Health  

"Kim Chestney's workshop on Empowering Intuition was dynamic! Her treatment of the subject included meditations, mantras and loads of examples of how intuition works, how to recognize it and develop it!" 

– Donna Beadle, Founder, Murrysville Center for Healing Arts  

“Kim is a compelling force and natural leader, grounded in the arenas of notable professional and creative accomplishment, as well as salutary contributions within the fields of spiritual and personal development. She is honorably focused, broadly achieved and a refreshingly singular talent. 

– Dr. Susan Amorose, DMQ RMT Healing with Medical QiGong and Reiki  

Intuition is the soul's power of knowing God.

~ Paramahansa Yogananda ~

Intuition is Your Secret to Success


"From a very young age, music has always been my passion, but mostly from the standpoint of a fan. Then there was a turning point and pivotal moment where I just knew this was my calling ~ even though I had no idea how to pursue it. My success relied heavily on my gut instinct, intuition and putting myself in a variety of situations that, in time, would help me carve out my own creative path." ~ Byron Nash, Musician Pittsburgh, PA


"Learning to follow our Intuition is the single best thing we can do to improve all areas of our life." ~ Reenie Vincent, Founder, Peace Cheese & Intuitive Hypnotherapy, San Diego, CA 


"I started taking Kim's weekly intuition classes and did a 2 day weekend retreat with her. Both were amazing and "awakening." I started to "see" things in my own personal life, and around me, that I had not before.  

Developing my Intuition, allowed me to work with my clients in a different and profound way. My perception grew. I always had some level of intuition, and could channel information, occasionally, during a client session. But the amount of expansion in this area, was quick and astonishing. I look forward to more work with Kim, and more openings for myself and my clients!"  

~ Marietta Amatangelo, Founder, 2 Nourish Nutrition, Wellness, Health Coaching Pittsburgh, PA


"The lectures were enjoyable and informative...the exercises were enlightening, and, while I found them to be useful and validating, one of the things I valued most from the workshops was the sense of camaraderie, of working together with these other women in the class, each of us giving of ourselves to help free the others from whatever was holding us back." – Beth Wojiski, positively b.e.e.  

"This is the best workshop I’ve been to in years! It was full of useful information, experiential activities and practical application." – Wendy Borne, Visions Reiki  

"After meeting with Kim, I'm much more fully engaged with, open to, and curious about Spirit throughout each day. Her warmth, generosity, and complete trust that we are all surrounded by love guarantees that time with her will be well spent." – Pam, Pittsburgh PA  

 True intelligence is to rise above thinking as the source of all intelligence.

- Eckhart Tolle -

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