AWAKEN! Spiritual Awakening Retreat


Awaken! 2019


This year, make the resolution to live your truth.

Join us for Pittsburgh's annual New Year retreat for awakening and empowering your spiritual growth. The New Year is a time to embrace personal transformation and reinforce our commitment to live our best life. Treat yourself to a day of immersive soul-work to start the year off right, and attune your Intuition to actualize your highest potential.


Awaken with Us


Are you ready to take your spiritual growth to the next level?

Do you have a deep desire to connect with your authentic voice, power and life purpose?

Would you love to be a part of a supportive, loving spiritual community?

Do you want to explore new modalities of healing and growth?

If so, AWAKEN! is the event you have been waiting for. This one-of-a-kind experience will rejuvinate your being and revitalize your spirit by igniting your spiritual evolution. AWAKEN! brings together kindred spirits in a soul-immersion that begins with awaking your inner light and ends with you bringing that light into the world!

A Day to Renew Your Spirit











Ignite Your Inner Magic! 

Dear friends, 

If you are reading this, you most likely have had an awakening. You KNOW there is more to life than meets the eye. And there is a calling inside you to do more. And serve better. 

The secret to growing into your awakening is learning to tap into your innate, intuitive connection and use your inner wisdom to share your purpose with the world. We created AWAKEN! to give you all the tools you need to take your life to the next level.

I hope that you will join us in the New Year and discover how you can use YOUR inner magic to awaken, heal and live your truth every day!

Love & Light,

"Deciding to attend AWAKEN! was the best decision I made. I learned how to listen and trust my Intuition. This workshop has truly changed my life. Thank you!" ~ Suzanne W., Massage Therapist

The Program

A full-day of interactive workshops, talks and holistic immersions to rejuvenate your spirit.  

Radical Intuition Talks & Interactive Workshops to Empower your Inner Wisdom

KIM CHESTNEY Author & Intuition Master Teacher Intuition is the ultimate step in your spiritual Enlightenment. Throughout the day, Kim will lead a series of intuitive development sessions to connect you with your Higher Self and align you with your Truth, Path & Purpose.

Revitalization QiGong An Ancient Practice for Grounding, Clearing & Aligning

DR. SUSAN AMOROSE Medical QiGong & Reiki Master Teacher Susan will guide you through a gentle but powerful QiGong movement and visualization for deep, enhanced focus, to clear your mind of "static" and enhance your connection to your inner guidance. 

Awakening Your Healing Power Three Steps Toward Activating Your Personal Magic to Heal  

NICOLE TROMBLEY Wellness & Empowerment Coach In this workshop Nicole will teach you how to turn on your internal healing gifts. She will also lead the group in a Healing Circle activity where you will give and receive healing energy within the group.  

High Vibe Nutrition Tips for Eating Clean...and Intuitively!

BOBBI DiCLAUDIO High Vibe Health Coach Bobbi believes in treating your body so well it has no choice but to return the love! Learn wellness strategies to reduce cravings, increase energy, and feel the joy that naturally belongs to you. (Yes, there will be delicious treats!)

Kriya Yoga Gentle Yoga to Uplift & Connect to Your Inner Spirit 

STEPHANIE ALBERTS Certified Radiant BodyYoga Stephanie will lead us through a variety of gentle yoga kriyas (routines) to awaken your Kundalini energy and raise your vibration. These seated or standing kriyas are crafte for people of all ages and physical ability.

Writing the Future Rebooting Your Worldview Gratitude Practice

BETH WOJISKI Writer & Creator of positively b.e.e. Did you know you can reboot your worldview by creating and maintaining a regular gratitude practice? Beth will teach you how to amp up your spiritual growth with journaling. Bring a notebook and a pen!


Aromatherapy for Life The Life-Changing Powers of Essential Oils  

LINDSEY BRADLEY Aromatherapy & Wellness Educator Lead a more abundant life...the natural way! Lindsey will talk to us about how essential oils can be used topically and medicinally for a healthier body and soul! Session includes a personal Intuition annointment.  

Restorative Meditation Guided Meditation to Relax & Restore Your Being

NICKY DUNLAP Certified Yoga & Meditation Instructor Journey within....after setting you up in a restorative yoga posture, Nicky will lead you through a guided visualization to relax the body and center the mind, allowing you to get in touch with your highest Self.

Closing Drum Circle Unity Rhythm for Ritual, Healing & Celebration 

MUSIC FOR LIFE of PITTSBURGH Facilitator, Stephanie Miller We have the pleasure of closing our day with a dynamic, transformative and healing drum circle. No musical experience necessary. A variety of drums and musical instraments will be provided.

"This is the best workshop I’ve been to in years! It was full of useful information, experiential activities and practical application. Not to mention a great group of women! ~ Wendy B., Reiki Master


Saturday January 12 ~ 10AM-6PM at Green Heiress Holistic Health, Aspinwall, PA SNOW DATE: SUNDAY, JANUARY 27

TEA & COFFEE MEET & GREET Featuring a Vibroacoustic Harp Sound Bath with Stephanie Miller, Co-Founder, Music For Life 10-11am (doors open at 9:45)

Welcome & Introductions with Mantra Gifts Message for the Moment with Intuitive Wisdom Cards with Kim Chestney & Nicole Dunlap 

A luxurious, Vibroacoustic Harp sound bath will balance and energize your spirit for the new year! The harp’s natural healing vibrations will wash away anxiety and stress, and prepare us for a centered day of soul-work. 

We will start the day with an Intuition immersion, including a special Intuitive message and mantra created just for you!

ALIGNING, HEALING & RELEASING Featuring the healing guidance and wisdom of Susan Amorose, Doctor of Medical QiGong, and Nicole Trombley, Healing & Empowerment Coach 11am-12:30pm 

QiGong. Sensory Intuition Workshop. Reiki Healing Circle. 

We begin our journey by looking within to balance our body's vital energy, break through our blocks and align with the flow. With short teaching sessions, guided visualizations, gentle movement and energy activation, you will learn new techniques to reconnect your body and spirit.

BREAKING BREAD Healthy, delicious and nutricious group lunch 12:30-1pm

Casual Lunch & Friend-Making

Enjoy a delicious, healthy lunch with the group, make new friends or take time for yourself in the Green Heiress meditation room.  

GETTING INTO THE FLOW Featuring soul-deepening sessions with yogi, Stephanie Alberts, and writer, Beth Wojiski. 1:00-2:30pm

Kriya Yoga. Creative Intuition Workshop. Gratitude Journaling.

After a morning of balancing our body's energy, we will get into our intuitive flow and use that energy to start manifesting our intentions for renewal in 2019. You will learn how to practice a gentle yoga Kriya (seated on a chair or yoga mat) to raise your vibration and align with your evolutionary purpose. We wrap up this session with an exercise in using the power of Gratitude to ignite your spiritual awakening.

HIGH VIBE SNACK BREAK Featuring a special talk by High Vibe Health Coach, Bobbi DiClaudio 2:30-3:30pm

Mid-Afternoon Break & Relaxation

Bobbi will give us the scoop on how we can make 'intuitive' choices in our diet, and live healthier lives by aligning what we eat with what we really need. Then, take some time to relax, have a snack and share time with new friends.


ILLUMINATING Featuring Lindsey Bradley, Wellness Educator, and Nicky Dunlap, Yoga/Meditation Instructor + Self-Love Advocate 3:30-5pm

Aromatherapy Annointment. Meditation. Practical Intuition Workshops and Message Circles

To round out the day, you will learn everyday practices to empower your Intuition and spiritual awakening. Beginning with an essential oil annointing and meditation, we attune our Intuition and share insights with one another. This session includes interactive group exercises and will give you an everyday practice for using your Intuition to guide your life.


CLOSING CEREMONY Sacred circle bracelet ceremony, awards, gifts and drum circle Featuring a group drum circle facilitated by Music for Life 5-6pm

A Communion of Our Spirits.

We will close out the day around a beautiful sacred circle, with parting gifts for everyone. 

Drumming and drum circles have been a part of many cultures for much of human history. Their uses vary widely, but we can find examples of the drum used in ritual, healing, celebration, and transformation. Some of the benefits of group drumming include self-expression, stress reduction, community building, fun and exercise for the body, mind, and spirit. (This drum circle will take place indoors, in the Green Heiress Yoga Studio; all instraments will be provided. No drumming experience necessary.)

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This event sells out ~ we recommend getting your tickets in advance.

"Kim is my go-to person for Intuition workshops. She makes them fun, real and teaches how to put your Intuition to work in the "real" world. I've gone to several and will continue to go! Always waiting for the next one!" ~ Marietta A., Health Coach

About Your Host, Kim Chestney

Elevating Intuition as a spiritual practice, Kim Chestney (PhD, RMT, CIC) is an international best-selling author, Intuition Master Teacher and the founder of the CREATE! Festival, IntuitionLab and the International Intuition Alliance.

Kim has touched thousands of lives by raising awareness of Intuition as a crucial element in the evolution of Consciousness. Her book, The Psychic Workshop: A Complete Program for Fulfilling Your Spiritual Potential, has been published around the globe, in multiple languages, for over a decade.

Her ground-breaking work has been celebrated by top tier universities and media outlets around the world, including Carnegie Mellon University, SXSW Interactive, Random House, Chapman University, Simon & Shuster, the Elephant Journal, OM Times, Sivana East….and many more.

Born in the United States, and educated around the globe, Kim spent much of her early life learning, traveling and exploring the world. She holds a BA in Art & Writing, a MS in Metaphysicial Philosophy and a PhD in Comparitive Religion. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, professional Astrologer and life-long student of Paramahansa Yogananda. She serves on multiple boards, including the American's for the Arts Advisory Council in Washington DC.

With nearly 20 years of experience, Kim’s deepest passion is sharing with others the life-changing power of intuitive living. Her live events have been called “epic” and “the best day ever,” as she delivers inspiring and transformational programs to empower all people to discover and live their Truth.

Awaken! 2019 is part of the International Intuition Alliance.  

Thank you to our partners who make this event possible. 

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