ARISE! Summer Mountain Intuition + Meditation Retreat



AUGUST 3-4, 2019  


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Join us for a weekend soul-immersion to revitalize your inner power...and rise!  

This all-inclusive intimate gathering in the lush foothills of the Appalachian Mountains is your chance to unplug from the world and recharge your spirit.

FEATURING: Mindful Meditation Group Intuition Workshops Individual Intuition Attunement Outdoor Walking Meditation & Buddha Monolith Mandala Earth Art Project Nature Journaling Soul Flow Intuitive Yoga DIY Essential Oil Workshop Whole Foods Dinner Feast Free Time to Explore the Grounds and Walk the "8-Fold Path" Lunasa Harvest Season Intention-Setting Evening Transmutation Fire Ceremony Overnight Silent Retreat Hours Sunrise QiGong Sadhana Breakfast & Morning ZaZen Meditation

The beautiful Zen Retreat Center is situated on 14 acres of rolling hills and woodlands, just 20 minutes north of Pittsburgh. Full of northern country charm and stunning views, this is the perfect location to reconnect with nature...and your self.

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Discover the Guru Within You!

Dear friends, 

I am so excited to be partnering with the Deep Springs Zen center this summer to bring you this one-of-a-kind spiritual retreat!

Uniting our practices of "mindfulness" and "insightfulness" is one of the most powerful ways to deepen our connection with the Universe. 

I hope that you will join us as we unplug, move into our inner peace ~ and then tune in to the inner wisdom that awaits there.

Love & Light,

"Deciding to attend [Kim's retreat] was the best decision I made. I learned how to listen to and trust my Intuition. This has truly changed my life." ~ Suzanne W., Massage Therapist

"Where there are people, there are Buddhas." ~ Issa

Retreat Details

Find Your Self...and Your Tribe in Pittsburgh! 



Experience a full day immersed in nature and the calming vibrations of the zen retreat center. Program includes:

  •  Intuition Attunement
  •  Interactive group intuition workshops 
  •  Mindfulness for Well-Being Class
  •  Buddha monolith + walking meditation 
  •  Soul Flow Intuitive Yoga
  •  Dinner feast
  •  Full access to retreat grounds & trails
  •  Closing fire cermony



1pm Saturday - Noon Sunday

The overnight retreat offers a deepening of the retreat experience, including:

  •  All elements of the day retreat +
  •  Silent overnight meditation
  •  Shared and private room accomodations
  •  Access to retreat center commons overnight
  •  Spa bath with a view (bring swimming suit)
  • Sunrise QiGong Sadhana on grounds
  •  Breakfast
  •  Morning Zazen Meditation 


"Kim's retreats are something that I always look forward to for months in advance, and they never disappoint. It's time full of connection, heart opening, self-discovery, and straight up FUN, and the wonderful effects seem to last for months afterward. These events always leave me feeling refreshed and inspired. I highly recommend attending one of Kim's retreats! " ~ Nicky Dunlap, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Founder of Tranquil Fern

Day 1: Main Retreat Day Agenda

Saturday August 3 ~ 1PM-9PM at the Deep Spring Zen Center 

1 PM WELCOME + EVENT KICK-OFF Guests will arrive between 12:30 and 1pm to get settled in and explore the retreat center. Feel free to walk around the beautiful grounds, enjoy tea with new (and old) friends, get settled into your room (if you are staying over night) and set up your spot in the yoga / meditation studio.

ARISING WITH MINDFULNESS + INSIGHTFULNESS Zendo Meditation Hall A talk and workshop on the unified power of "mindfulness" and "insightfulness" in creating the ultimate spiritual practice, leading to inner peace, power and enlightenment.  

"The Origins and Aspects of Meditation and Zen" Kutoku and Colleen Crivello  

"Moving Deeper into Enlightenment with the Practice of Insightfulness" Kim Chestney

AFTERNOON WORKSHOPS The first part of the day will begin to attune your energy to the elevated frequencies of your higher self. We start by unblocking, releasing and getting into the flow.

SOUL FLOW ~ INTUITIVE GENTLE YOGA Nicky Dunlap Zendo Meditation Hall This light yoga blend of movement, intuition and meditation will help you to release any "stuck" energy and raise your vibration to get you into your "intuitive zone."

CONNECTING WITH YOUR HIGHER SELF Kim Chestney Zendo Meditation Hall Intuition Primer Workshop & Meditation We will begin our inner work with intuitive self-discovery exercises and guided meditation to connect with our "inner guru" and the wisdom it is bringing into your life. 

BREAK & AFTERNOON SOUL-IMMERSIONS During the second part of the afternoon, we will be going outside to explore the world within.

MID-DAY BREAK Retreat Commons Area, Porch & Patio Enjoy refreshments and take in the country air while we transition to the afternoon activities.

GETTING INTO THE CREATIVE SPIRIT Group & Solo Activities Covered Porch Workshop Area & Retreat Grounds

  • Wish Tree Art Project: Intention Setting & Manifesting What energy do you want to embody as you rise into your best self? Design your own manifestation tags to keep or decorate our Wish Tree.
  • Zen Transmutation Ritual What energy do you want to release as you rise into your best self? Each attendee will be given special cards to bring this energy to light. At the end of the night, we will be transmuting them with fire in traditional Zen ritual style.
  • Group Earth Art Mandala Project Gather any unique plants, stones or objects throughout the day to contribute to the making of a beautiful, collaborative outdoor ground mandala.
  • Quiet Time & Independent Journaling Each person will be given special journaling prompts to take with them to wherever they would like to go on the grounds to spend some time in inner reflection and self-discovery. 

DINNER FEAST & FREE TIME Join us for a delicious, high-vibe dinner, with healthy meal choices for all dietary preferences followed by time on your own to mix and mingle ~ or wander/wonder the grounds.

THE FEAST Main Dinner Table, Patio Cafe Tables 

FREE TIME Retreat Commons, Buddha Megalith, The 8-Fold Path (walking trail), Meditation Hall

EVENING WORKSHOPS We will move back into our "inner space" with a 20-minute walking meditation, then activate our intuitive energy with intractive intuition group workshops and your personal intuition attunement.

WALKING MEDITATION TO THE WISH TREE Kotoku Meet at the Front Porch Kotoku will lead us on a mindful, walking meditation, ending at our Wish Tree. You will have the opportunity to hang your new intentions or well wishes on the tree to manifest them into the world. We will also gather final items for our mandala project on the return walk. 

CLOSING CEREMONY Kim Chestney / Nicky Dunlap Zendo Meditation Hall & Outdoor Commons We seal the evening with a final communion with our Higher Self, attuning our energy with the highest vibration.

  • Interactive Group Intuition Workshop
  • Individual Intuition Attunements
  • Presentation of Gifts & Bracelet Ceremony 
  • Fire Transmutation Ritual
  • Dessert & Closing Unity Song

Days 1 & 2: The Overnight Agenda

 Saturday through Sunday August 4 ~ 1PM All attendees are welcome to return at 9am for Sunday Morning Zen Meditation

OVERNIGHT ACCOMMODATIONS The Deep Springs Zen Center hosts a variety of overnight options in its rustic country home. 

All bedrooms are located on the second floor, and offer clean, quiet accommodations for all guests, including access to bathroom, shower and spa tub facilities. All beds include linens and pillows. 

We also offer a "camper" package for attendees who want to bring their own bedding and spend the night in the peaceful vibrations of the Meditation Hall.


SILENT RETREAT After the closing ceremony, guests will enter into the quiet retreat hours. Gaze at the stars, read your favorite book on the couch, cozy up with your journal and tea in bed or simply sit in presence and stillness of our beautiful space. 

A silent retreat is one of the most powerful ways to move into your inner stillness, unplug from the noise of the world and, at last, hear the voice of your Higher Self. You will be amazed at the difference you feel the next morning once you have moved fully into the silence!

SUNRISE CEREMONY & BREAKFAST All overnight guests have the option of attending our morning Sadhana. The energy of the day is most powerful just as the sun is rising. We will use this energy to seal our retreat journey and empower our intentions of the weekend.

MORNING QIGONG IN THE MEADOW Gurney Bolster Deep Springs Feild at 7:30 AM Capture the rising energy and infuse into the flow of your being with this dawn QiGong session.

LIGHT CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST, COFEE & TEA Zen Center Cottage 8 AM Unwind from your Sadhana and enjoy a final meal with your retreat-mates before the morning activities.

ZAZEN SUNDAY MORNING MEDITATION Learn first hand from the Zen masters at Deep Springs Temple how to use the practice of Buddhist meditation to dissolve the ego, still the mind and move into the place of inner peace.

ZAZEN ORIENTATION Zen Center Staff Member Meditation Hall 8:45 AM Learn the basic rituals, practices and techniques for experiencing a Zen meditation session at the temple.

ZAZEN MEDITATION & DHARMA TALK Kotoku Meditation Hall 9:30 AM Experience a full Zen meditation ritual with the residents and Buddhist monks of the Zen Center Temple. After the meditation, you may participate in group mindfulness activities or enjoy time on your own.

CLOSING TEA TIME Dining Room / Commons Area 11:30 AM We end our time together by coming together for tea and fellowship before taking all of our newfound energy and wisdom back home into our lives.


Your Retreat Hosts, Teachers & Special Guests

Arise! Retreat Host International Best-Selling Author & Intuition Master Teacher

KIM CHESTNEY Intuition Attunment and Workshop Teacher Kim has helped over 25,000 people around the globe to transform their life by tapping into magic of their inner wisdom. She will help attendees to create a life of "insightfulness, " leading Intuition development activities and workshops.

Your Zen Center Hosts Resident Zen Priest & Meditation Teacher

KOTOKU & COLLEEN CRIVELLO The Origins and Aspects of Meditation and Zen Kotoku is a Zen Priest in the Soto Zen tradition in the Lineage of Gengo Akiba Roshi, Sokan or Bishop, Administrative Head of the North American Region of the Japanese Soto School. Kotoku and Colleen will lead a class on nurturing a sense of well-being with "mindfulness" and meditation. Later, Kotoku will lead the group on a outdoor walking meditation on the retreat grounds.

QiGong Instructor Morning Sadhana Sunrise Flow Practice 

GURNEY BOLSTER Founder of Tai Chi for Health Certified Body-Mind Centering Practitioner Gurney will lead our overnight retreaters in a magical morning QiGong practice as the sun rises, the most powerful energetic time of the day. Her practice is gentle and suitable for people of all ages and body types.

Soul Flow Intuitive Yoga Retreat Photographer & Creative Coordinator

NICKY DUNLAP Founder of Bella Musa Photography & Tranquil Fern Nicky will get you deep into the flow with her unique blend of yoga, intuition and meditation. She will also be channelling her inner creative throughout the day, capturing moments from our time together and adding her touch of magic to the day!

Workshop Leader Event & Workshop Co-ordinator

LINDSEY BRADLEY Founder of Lizzie B Living Blog & Aromatherapy Lindsey will be putting together a delightful menu for our evening feast and offering fun, creative workshops during breaks for those who would like to participate.


Want to learn how to recognize and master your Intuition? Get started now with my free guide! You inner wisdom holds the answers to everything you are looking for. Discover my proven techniques to awaken and ignite your own innate intuitive power ~ so you can live your BEST life.


About Your Host, Kim Chestney

Elevating Intuition as a spiritual practice, Kim Chestney (PhD, RMT, CIC) is an international best-selling author, Intuition Master Teacher and the founder of the CREATE! Festival, IntuitionLab and the International Intuition Alliance.

Kim has touched thousands of lives by raising awareness of Intuition as a crucial element in the evolution of Consciousness. Her book, The Psychic Workshop: A Complete Program for Fulfilling Your Spiritual Potential, has been published around the globe, in multiple languages, for over a decade.

Her ground-breaking work has been celebrated by top tier universities and media outlets around the world, including Carnegie Mellon University, SXSW Interactive, Random House, Chapman University, Simon & Shuster, the Elephant Journal, OM Times, Sivana East….and many more.

Born in the United States, and educated around the globe, Kim spent much of her early life learning, traveling and exploring the world. She holds a BA in Art & Writing, a MS in Metaphysicial Philosophy and a PhD in Comparitive Religion. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, professional Astrologer and life-long student of Paramahansa Yogananda. She serves on multiple boards, including the American's for the Arts Advisory Council in Washington DC.

With nearly 20 years of experience, Kim’s deepest passion is sharing with others the life-changing power of intuitive living. Her live events have been called “epic” and “the best day ever,” as she delivers inspiring and transformational programs to empower all people to discover and live their Truth.

"Kim is an incredible light. She has taught me the importance of meditation and, beyond that, has shown me how powerful it is to live creatively. Thank you for bringing this confidence out in me, Kim!" ~ Jamin Olivencia, Professional Wrestler & Personal Development Ally, Louiseville, KY 

"I love the sense of practicality and fun Kim brings while teaching you to apply intuition to everyday life. She helps you to understand and trust your own internal language for truth. Learning to trust yourself is one of the first steps to following your true life’s path, and Kim has the wisdom and insight to help you reach your goals!" ~Beth Wojiski, Pittsburgh, PA

"Kim is extremely well versed in the soulful practice of awakening your intuition. She has a calming, welcoming energy that surrounds her. I highly recommend." ~ Jen Free, Designer & Entrepreneur, Pittsburgh, PA

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